one, two, three, one ready go...
2001-07-14 - 8:07 p.m.

i didn't think i'd give in to the peer pressure and get a diary from some place called diaryland. especially since they have a slogan proclaiming that diaryland is 'better than crack!' i beg to differ. nothing's better than crack...i mean...what? i kid, i kid.

for all those diaryland members out there, who have nothing better to do than read some stranger's online diary, i suppose you should know something about me. you can stalk me better that way.


i'm 5 feet 4 inches tall and addicted to minute maid orange drink. my eyes are green or blue, depending and i wear black rectangular glasses. i spend a good part of my time on the fif board, playing the piano and thinking about the past. i am too sensitive. i'm a smart-aleck and i'm sarcastic. i like to think i'm smart. i hate mayonnaise and hot weather and i read everyday.

i love my grandma and music. i listen to everything from debussy to the deftones, chopin to the beatles. i like to pretend i'm creative. i write in a book with blank pages. i am amazed by starflyer 59 and j.edward keyes and i can't cook.

i live with my parents, though that will change in a couple of years. i want to be a graphic designer more than anything, or i'd at least like to dig a lot of holes. i love rain and sometimes i lay in parking lots. i think i am in love.

i have a fear of clowns and lonliness. i enjoy taking walks. i give impromptu piano concerts and have finally learned to play a song on the guitar. i want to go fishing and be on rock and roll jeopardy.

i have a penchant for power tools, popsicles and the naked chef. i like sean connery's voice and watching indiana jones movies. i eat kool-aid straight out of the packet - no sugar. i avoid malls and i hate when people look at me out of the corner of their eye.

i hit up deacons for extra communion wafers and i used to have a bracelet with a 'p' on it until it broke at dollywood [a.k.a. hell]. i do things without thinking - one of my many flaws. i'm trying to get kicked out of church. i'm anti-morning and a lot of times anti-establishment.

someday, the parking nazis at school will know the wrath of erin and someday i will reign supreme over everyone in musical knowledge. someday i'm going to go squirrel fishing, play the piano with brian again, own and operate a machine gun and marry ronnie martin [though he's already married]. i'm only $800 from my trip to easter island.

i drink more orange juice than necessary. i almost hit a platypus in the road, but no one believes me. i like boll weevils and i do a mean sloth imitation. i have no tolerance for whiny, fake and lying people and when i withdrawal from something i eat cheese.

i can't explain myself in a few paragraphs. i like to think there are parts of me not consigned to words.

however, i want you to know me.

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