fun wit' aim
2001-08-04 - 4:03 p.m.

[note: my WHOLE stupid entry got erASed. mer.]

[fun with aim]

-conversation with kirei [cat-killer] and erin [meanish thing]-

+ edited for your convenience. some scenes may be too violent for some viewers. care bears do not actually care very much. in stereo where available +

poser emo kid: hi there.

eb7ball: hey

poser emo kid: how goes it with thee?

eb7ball: it goes...and yourself?

poser emo kid: ha. thats what i always say. now i dont have an answer ... (suspicious look) ... darn you

eb7ball: mwah ha ha

poser emo kid: i think you planned that

eb7ball: i did...just so you'd be at a loss for words

poser emo kid: pffft

eb7ball: heh heh. oh, i signed your guestbook...that is, if you are who i think you are.

poser emo kid: wHo Do YoU THINK i aM?

poser emo kid: OoOoOoOoOoOoO

poser emo kid: (scary ghost sounds)

eb7ball: is this....god? i TOLD you to stop IMing me here.

eb7ball: jeez

eb7ball: i mean...

eb7ball: cause i talk to you when i pray...not on the computer

poser emo kid: i think you need to talk to me mor- .... i mean no, im not god

eb7ball: nah, for real, you're kirei, or jessy...if that's your real name. right?

poser emo kid: hehe yup

poser emo kid: and yup

eb7ball: i'm goood

poser emo kid: yeah youre goooood

eb7ball: haha

eb7ball: how're your shoes?

poser emo kid: theyre doing good! hanging out on the floor of my room at the moment

poser emo kid: they say hey, by the way

eb7ball: oh well tell them i said hi.

poser emo kid: will do

eb7ball: glad you don't have those white nursing shoes with ventilation holes

poser emo kid: yeah me too ... though ... mmmmmm ... gotta love those ventilation holes...

eb7ball: yeah...especially if they're on a pair of dr. scholls. [sp?]

poser emo kid: oh yeah, definetly. foot comfort to the extreme [hah i really dont know]

eb7ball: i don't either...but hey, it sounded good enough

poser emo kid: haha. that works

poser emo kid: so whatcha doing

eb7ball: wasting my life away on the internet...the usual.

poser emo kid: whoa me too

eb7ball: great isn't it?

poser emo kid: um .... YEs... YES. its GREAT ... (nodding a lot)

eb7ball: haha...are you smiling too? that's important when you nod.

poser emo kid: (nods and SMILES)

eb7ball: good good

eb7ball: hey, i have glasses like yours. similar, anyway.

poser emo kid: oh cool! ... theyre the mad rad emo kid glasses!

eb7ball: they are

poser emo kid: yeah and they are um ... fake ... (looks away)

poser emo kid: O.o

eb7ball: mine are fake too. that's the beauty in them

eb7ball: they're more emo that way, i think

poser emo kid: really?? ... wow you rock!

poser emo kid: and yes... oh definetly more emo that way

poser emo kid: lol

eb7ball: haha...uh huh.

poser emo kid: we are so emo ..

eb7ball: i mean, these people with 'real' glasses, they aren't even semi-emo. they're third emo

poser emo kid: pffft. definetly.

poser emo kid: POSERS

eb7ball: exactly.

poser emo kid: i just HATE those people

poser emo kid: ...

poser emo kid: (looks at my name)

poser emo kid: ignore that

eb7ball: heh heh. i'll brb...just a sec

eb7ball: haha

poser emo kid: (nodding)

poser emo kid: well FINE!

poser emo kid: hehe

eb7ball: "fine"?? you getting impatient on me? cause i can you or something

poser emo kid: yeah FINE

poser emo kid: i knew you hated me anyway

eb7ball: always have. hehHEH.

poser emo kid: (sigh)

poser emo kid: thats why you put subliminal hate messages in my guestbook

poser emo kid: i KNEW it

eb7ball: yeah...when you read my message backwards it says mean things about you

poser emo kid: gosh .... i should have known you would do something like that

eb7ball: yeah...i'm evil like that. hurts to be this evil.

poser emo kid: i bet it does

poser emo kid: ooooo. jenny benny is on

eb7ball: on AIM?

poser emo kid: i dont think so. on the board

eb7ball: oh ok. cause i didn't see her on AIM

poser emo kid: well that would explain why i dont see her either, yes?

eb7ball: perhaps. i'll have to think about it some more, though, to be sure

poser emo kid: alright. i know how it can be with you slow thinkers

eb7ball: i'm not...slow...i just uh...take more time than some people

eb7ball: i'm 'special', if you will

poser emo kid: awwwwww

poser emo kid: of course youre special

poser emo kid: gee, im being awfully insulting for having just met. lets start over. hi im kirei

eb7ball: glad you think so. please don't point and throw rocks like the others.

eb7ball: hi, i'm erin.


poser emo kid: whoa sorry

eb7ball: haha

poser emo kid: dont know where that came from

eb7ball: must've been your cat

poser emo kid: youre right (glares at cat)

eb7ball: heh heh

poser emo kid: wow he must have been sleeping where he is the whole.. morning. maybe hes dead

poser emo kid: im just kidding

poser emo kid: really

eb7ball: if you say so

poser emo kid: dont think im a psycho okay?

eb7ball: too late for that

poser emo kid: darnit

eb7ball: no! this is a no cursing zone!

eb7ball: you kids and your foul mouths

poser emo kid: ...... YOU CAN GO TO HECK!

eb7ball: ahhh. meanie.

poser emo kid: meanie-stoopid-head

eb7ball: golly, that wasn't very swell of you to say.

poser emo kid: ... MEANISH THING! . . . .darn. okay starting over again. hi, im kirei

eb7ball: hehe. good morning.

poser emo kid: well um ... how are you ?

eb7ball: i' goes.

poser emo kid: [this is the most psychoish conversation ive ever had, i wish i could save it but this is aimexpress and they dont let me save anything, darn conspiracy]

poser emo kid: (gasp)

poser emo kid: you so did that on purpose

eb7ball: heh heh [snickers at her clever comment that once again leaves jessy at a loss for words]

eb7ball: i KNOW

poser emo kid: PFFFT. I HATE YOU

eb7ball: no you don't. your cat is typing again.

poser emo kid: .... HES DEAD !!! .... oh ... wait .... gee, hes moving ...

eb7ball: you can't fool me.

poser emo kid signed off at 2:24:27 PM.

poser emo kid signed on at 2:24:28 PM.

eb7ball: welcome back

poser emo kid: well thanks

eb7ball: anytime

poser emo kid: can you send me the conversation? lol

eb7ball: yeah, i will. do you want it now or when it's...over?

poser emo kid: hahahaha when its OVER

poser emo kid: and then i will cleverly edit out this part..

poser emo kid: and... and ..

eb7ball: ok then.

poser emo kid: TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

eb7ball: to make you look like the smart one eh?

poser emo kid: shush!

eb7ball: hehe

poser emo kid: (menacing glare)

eb7ball: i seem to be stuck on my chair at the moment

poser emo kid: that might be a problem yes?

poser emo kid: it inhibits gettin' up and junk

eb7ball: well yeah...but i'm unstuck now.

eb7ball: but i'm bleeding.

eb7ball: hmmN.

poser emo kid: hrmmmm

poser emo kid: are you really bleeding?

eb7ball: yes, a bit

poser emo kid: ooooooo. not good

eb7ball: i'll live

poser emo kid: i donno.

poser emo kid: all your blood might fall out

eb7ball: might...

poser emo kid: yeah you should be careful about that i think

eb7ball: and i'll have to call 9-1-1 and get a blood transplant...transfusion...whichever.

poser emo kid: hmmmmmm. yes you'll probably have to

eb7ball: but maybe it'll be a scene and i'll get on that tv show with william shatner as the's not on anymore...

poser emo kid: hmmmmm. WHAT SHOW? ... you dont mean ... that ... show..... like ... THAT ONE SHOW, do you ???

eb7ball: yeah, THAT one know, the one that has those...people on it...that comes on tv

poser emo kid: whoa. weird ...

eb7ball: maybe one of those after school shows about the kid with the problem. we all learned a lesson that day.

poser emo kid: ooooo. sounds like a great show...

eb7ball: it was. very moving.

poser emo kid: oooo. i bet.

eb7ball: uh huh. so....

eb7ball: i'm eating at el scorcho's tonight...even though i don't much like mexican food.

poser emo kid: HMMMM. i bet its all a conspiracy

eb7ball: yes, i'm plotting to overthrow the mexican food industry. one restaurant at a time. using a...taco? heh

poser emo kid: hey, its been done

eb7ball: it's already been done? man...maybe i should read the newspaper more often.

poser emo kid: yeah it was that ... uh ... Mexican Food Industry Overthrow With A Taco Conspiracy

eb7ball: well...there goes my plan for tonight.

poser emo kid: sorry to be the bringer of bad news

eb7ball: it's...okay i guess. i'll just have to get my revenge another way.

poser emo kid: HMMMM, well dont tell me your plan. i'll ruin it.

eb7ball: probably will. you know, you should really give in to the cult and type your 'HMMMM's like this: hmmN. not only is it the right thing to do, but you'll feel better too.

poser emo kid: HMMMMM

poser emo kid: (odd look)

eb7ball: you poser emo kids. all alike

poser emo kid: but .... but ... what about the glasses?! our fake emoer-than-thou emo kid glasses?!?!?

eb7ball: oh disregard that last comment then.

poser emo kid: (narrows eyes)

eb7ball: i never said it! i was your cat again

poser emo kid: HES DEAD!

eb7ball: you killed him!

eb7ball: cat killer!

poser emo kid: ... no!! i didnt!

poser emo kid: he died all by himself!!

eb7ball: thats what you want me to think.

poser emo kid: its true, its true!

poser emo kid: (is sobbing over her departed kitten)

eb7ball: well...where were YOU on the night of august 1, 2001?? hmmM??

poser emo kid: ummm ... um ... i was ....... i was with jenny !!! shes my alibi !

eb7ball: nobody will believe anything that imbreeder says.

poser emo kid: well um .... i was talking to micah too !! .... -- oh wait! he wasnt there last night. darn him

eb7ball: heh heh heh. cat killer cat killer.

poser emo kid: MEANISH THING!

eb7ball: hehe...meanish...hehe

poser emo kid: bwhahaha

eb7ball: tell me...

eb7ball: what should i name my 3rd fish?

poser emo kid: HMMMMMMM. whats the other fisheseses names?

eb7ball: sid vicious and little bill. i had a thelonius monk...but he died.

poser emo kid: dear me

poser emo kid: well lets see..

eb7ball: yes, let's.

poser emo kid: you should name him.. umm ... ummm ..... well jessy doesnt know

eb7ball: erin doesn't know either.

poser emo kid: thats a problem jessy is thinking

eb7ball: erin thinks the fish will remain nameless

poser emo kid: haha jessy thinks thats someones name on the board and jessy is laughing but not really

eb7ball: erin think jessy is right, it is paige's name on the board and erin thinks the fish will still remain nameless.

poser emo kid: jessy thinks erin is wrong, its adam's name on the board who is paige's boyfriend but that doesnt seem to tell us what to name the fish

eb7ball: oh yes, erin realizes jessy is right and feels like a fool. paige is thoughts of closure and right now thoughts of closure has nothing to do with the fish. neither does remains nameless, but still...the fish remains nameless.

poser emo kid: jessy sees that erin realises that jessy is right and right now jessy feels stupid because she just typed erin's name as "eric" and just typed jessy's name as "jenny" ..... and jessy still doesnt know what to name the fish

eb7ball: erin understands that now, not only is erin "special" but jessy seems to be "special" as well. but jessy shouldn't feel bad because she can't type, jessy should feel bad because jessy killed her cat. ...and the fish remains unnamed...

poser emo kid: jessy thinks that erin is being a meanish thing and called jessy stupid subliminally and jessy thinks erin's fish is a stupid dumb head and shouldnt have name and jessy didnt kill her cat she only threw him out the window and he died on his own

eb7ball: erin really worries about jessy and jessy's obviously deep-rooted psychological problems. erin is getting deep-rooted problems of erin's own because jessy said that erin's unnamed fish is a stupid dumb head. erin starts to cry when she realizes that not only has her fish been insulted, but erin has been insulted too. erin thinks she should name her fish poser emo kid and then set it on fire.

poser emo kid: jessy thinks erin [again typed "eric"] should have known jessy had deep-rooted psychological problems thats why she goes to the mental health section of the health center every friday and jessy thinks erin is trying to steal jessy's deep-rooted psychological problems and jessy thinks that erin's fish SHOULD be named poser emo kid and set on fire because that would be really funny except not

eb7ball: erin thinks it's sad that jessy thinks erin should set erin's fish on fire. erin thinks jessy should apologize for thinking such a terrible thing. erin thinks it is no wonder that jessy has deep-rooted pshychological problems since jessy thinks bad things about erin's fish. erin isn't out to steal jessy's problems as erin has enough of erin's own problems [see: can't name fish incident of 01]

poser emo kid: jessy thinks erin is dumb and um dumb also and jessy thinks erin's fish is dumb too and jessy thinks erin should name him "dumb fish head" and jessy thinks erin DEFINETLY has some problems (jessy giving erin weird looks)

eb7ball: erin is tired of the weird looks jessy keeps giving her so erin pokes jessy's eyes out with erin's 'dumb' fish that is dumb like erin is. erin knows that erin doesn't have problems, erin knows erin is just special because only special people get to ride the short bus and only special people get pointed at. erin is rubber and jessy is glue. what erin says bounces off erin and sticks to jessy. and it sticks to jessy really hard.

poser emo kid: jessy um pokes out erin's eyes back and laughs at erin's dumb fish that is dumb like erin and then jessy says hey! jessy is special too jessy rode on a short bus! .... and then jessy thinks that it made no sense that erin would need anything erin says to bounce off of erin and stick to jessy because why would erin have words bounce off of erin because wouldnt erin's words go in the other direction away from erin's self? so jessy thinks erin must have meant that erin's words bounce off of jessy and stick back to erin

eb7ball: erin thinks jessy is insane and erin doesn't really read any of what jessy has been typing so that jessy's crazy doesn't get on erin. erin's mom always told erin to never listen to cat killers anyway, that cat killers don't know what they are talking about. erin's words bounce back off of erin and land on jessy again. and they land on jessy harder than last time. erin is getting confused like special people tend to do and erin runs out of things to type about fish and special people and meanwhile erin's fish still remains nameless like paige's boyfriend's name only paige's boyfriend has a name and erin's fish does not. erin's fish is named: . see? erin has to leave a blank because erin knows not what to name the fish.

poser emo kid: jessy thinks erin is a psychoish person but jessy has to go to work and she will be late if she doesnt hurry because she forgot to go to work at 4 instead of 5 haha jessy is so special


||well that was fookin long, eh?||

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