i won! i won!...but it's not a good award.
2001-08-05 - 3:43 p.m.

i win the 'stupid girl award'. i award it to myself. good job, erin, on being so stupid. perhaps you'll use your head next time?


wow...my day has been made. by kirei. read this:

kirei: kirei thinks you are a great writer. yesh.

[i ask why she thinks this.]

kirei: because ive read your journal. i absolutely LOVE the way you write. in fact, i even want to put one part in my signature -- im using it as my msn name. you said [about waiting for a lemon slushie ] "it's hard...this waiting." ... i dont know why but that was so cool. and everything you write on there. gosh. you really should be a writer.

[i tell her she has made my day.]

kirei: hooray! . . . but seriously, yesh, you definetly do a good job at it. you make me want to be like you. .... reading your diary is so fun. i love how you write schtuph.


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