proceed with caution
2001-08-08 - 6:42 p.m.

+ when you come back again + would you bring me something from the fridge? + heard a rumor that the end is near + but i just got comfortable here + sigh + let's be blunt + i'm a little distracted + what do you want? +

i wish i could put a mood down there that said 'worried and if things don't turn out right then i'm going to have to move out of my house and live in a cardboard refrigerator box that came from sear's and i'll be doomed and cold and hungry and basically just screwed over'. but for some reason, they don't have that mood listed.

i'm SORRY i'm such a negative person lately, but i really can't help it.

bad things happen in groups, ya know. friday happened, my fish died, and well, friday counts about 5 times. maybe 7. it's bad. i'm going to shut up now. O.o [sorry kirei, i stole your face]

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