laaaid back.
2001-08-08 - 10:48 a.m.

guess i should update, huh? i've just had a lot on my mind lately - still do...but i'll update.

[more fun wit' aim]

+ pete is down, yo +

the other pete: i'm commin straight outta compton, yo!

eb7ball: heh...what's wrong with you, pete?

the other pete: what are you talkin about

the other pete: i'm just sippin on gin and juice

eb7ball: laid back?

the other pete: sure

eb7ball: with your mind on your money and your money on your mind?

the other pete: uh huh

eb7ball: ok

eb7ball: you down with opp?

the other pete: no

eb7ball: you're supposed to say: yeah you know me

eb7ball: you ruined it

the other pete: (i know)

eb7ball: i don't care, you ruined it

the other pete: put your hands where my eyes can see

eb7ball: um...1, 2 meet me outside, meet me outside, meet me outside

+ this is for tha g's and this is for tha hustlas +

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