you'll call NOW.
2001-08-09 - 2:30 p.m.

there's a commercial that has been on tv every summer for the past several years. each year, i grow to hate it more and more. it's the airconditioning commercial for sears. where the man and woman are in their kitchen, sweating. it's something to this effect:

woman: it's sooo hot.

man: says tomorrow's gonna be yesterday

woman: yesterday? yesterday you said you'd call sears.

man: i'll call tomorrow.

woman: you'll call NOW.

man: i'll call now.

now, if i was that man, i'd slap the woman across the face and say 'listen here, biotch...i'll call when i want to and you're not gonna tell me otherwise or i' something really bad.' it would sound more menacing of course. but i do hate the commercial.

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