i want.
2001-08-11 - 2:57 p.m.

i want to wake up and not remember where i am.

i want to sell myself to a pawnshop and throw away the receipt.

i want to drive my car into non-drive-in movie theatres.

i want to be part of a midnight organization with lightning vomit conspiracies.

i want to learn to construct warheads.

i want to shout obscenities at loved ones through walkie-talkies.

i want to redirect every individual traintrack to the same point and lay down waiting.

i want to stand with my face to the wall and count to infinity.

i want to own and operate a machine gun.

i want to follow the path of a microscopic insect until i am elderly.

i want to encourage my children to stare.

i want to close my eyes when i drive.

i want to speak ten foreign languages well enough to get the humor of another culture.

i want hindsight.

i want to drive in the wrong lane to see how it feels.

i want to be able to take back my mistakes.

...it won't happen.

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