2001-08-13 - 6:53 p.m.

i called you at 3 to ask you to please come over. you said you would soon. then you called saying that your car broke down and you wouldn't be able to come because you had to work on it, unless of course, it rained. if it rained, you said, you could come over. i told you that i hoped that it rained. it didn't. i waited for you. outside. i sat in my driveway, getting bitten by mosquitos and watching the heat lightning. it was nice, the lightning, but i was still waiting for you.

serina and ryan came over while i was waiting. serina wanted to go inside to talk, but i insisted on staying outside so i could watch for you. i saw serina for the last time for a month while ryan listened to wesley willis in the truck. [i miss you serina]. serina and ryan left.

i went inside to put on my trusty black hoodie to ward off the cold and the mosquitos and went back out to wait for you. everytime a car passed, my heart jumped. it wasn't ever you. but finally it was. finally you pulled into my driveway and i could stop waiting.

we sat together, touching, watching the lightning. you only had 30 minutes before you had to leave. it wasn't enough time for me. no time is ever enough. i stood up. you stood up. i held onto you and felt your arms around me. you told me you'd see me tomorrow. you had to leave. i held on, still. hanging on to your arm, your wrist, your fingers, and finally your fingertips. you stop. turn around. come back to me, kiss me and tell me that you love me. for the very first time. 10:00, sunday night, on my driveway, in the lightning, you loved me. and i loved you back.

||sunday night r e visi TEd|| |

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