you know, i got nothin
2001-08-18 - 3:36 p.m.

|| the WeEk ReVisted| ||

+ wednesday +

i woke up mom standing at the foot of my bed, shaking me violently. what a way to wake your daughter up. she told me i had to get up and take a shower because we had to leave at 10. great.

i get ready and while i'm waiting for my mom and sister, i go outside to feed my fish. i was in my morning stupor, i should add. i leaned over to feed them and then sneezed. i almost fell in the pond. which, sadly enough, wasn't the first time i've almost fallen in.


on a completely unrelated note, there is a johnny bravo cardboard cutout standing in my hallway. whenever i walk by, he says 'heyyyy little mama'


so we drive. we go to the mall. the big mall of trend that i was telling you about earlier. they had nothing of any interest to me aside from the bookstore and the place i got my ever beloved jones soda. oh yeah, a book...a soft cover, 200 page book costs $12. and if that isn't sad, i dunno what is. i didn't even go into any record stores because i knew they wouldn't have anything i'd want to buy...they never do. we passed by the abercrombie store and i told my family that if they even so much as looked through the window they would turn to salt. kinda like soddam and gamorah. pillars of salt.

when we left, we got to our campsite about an hour later. i was insanely happy to see that it wasn't such a terrible place that it would stir up those bad memories of my 5th grade trip to wesley woods. what a terrible camp that was. i have flashbacks much like those of a vietnam veteran. but it was nice. i even decided i wanted to live that cabin. it was right on the creek. the site had an arcade and i am the reigning air hockey champion.

+ + +

+ thursday +

my family insists upon going to cherokee to see the indian reservation. we drive to the smokey mountains, which are beautiful. we stopped to walk on the appalachian trail - but we could only go so far cause it was closed for..repairs or something. so on our way to the reservation, i think that i'm about to see a nice, quiet place that will have native americans...pretty much what you may have learned in school. but NO. man...i have never in my life seen such an abomination as this one. it was such a terrible place. it made me extremely sad. it was littered with crappy places that promised 'genuine cherokee' things that, if you looked closely enough, had a tag that said 'made in mexico - frank's textile mill' and i saw two indians. both were in metal teepees equipped with polaroid cameras and a jar for you to put money in after you got your picture taken with a 'real live indian'. so i don't know what to think. is it that these people are just trying to make money and rip us dummies off? or is it that we've taken over their reservation with crap and they're just trying to make money? how do they feel? i hate that place.

+ + +

we ate at a wonderful barbecue place. we ate and listened to a live bluegrass band. yeah. and then, more beer was being passed around than barbeque, so, sadly, we had to leave. and on the way out, this old hippy guy was having a really hard time walking up the steps he was so wasted.

+ + +

+ friday +

came home after another day of shopping. oh, did i say shopping? i meant hell. HELL. heLL. blimey. there are too many people in the world...and all of those people don't care about anybody but themselves. [granted, there are a few exceptions] but i've never seen such craziness as i have the outlet malls.

+ + +

i'll bore you no more. my novel of rambling is over. but if you should ever have a chance to ride a trolley that is driven by a large old man, then ride it. stick a-sheeeeeeft!

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