2001-08-20 - 3:01 p.m.

before i found pants yesterday, my dad gave me a long...lecture on how businesses do not want their employees to wear pants that are dragging the ground. he says this to me because a good majority of my pants drag the ground. i have no problem with it, but my dad tells me i look like a punk. which is fine with me, no big deal. anyway, my new pants are 'too long.' they will drag the ground, he says. they look disgusting, he says. i say there is no way humanly possible for me to buy pants that are my size and have the length right. i'm sorry i'm short, daddy, but these will have to do.


i have on the aforementioned pants and my cromagnon-sized shirt. and i am scared. i do not want to go to work. not because i'll have to work, but because new things always scare me a little.



| |hi ho hi ho it's off to work i go||

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