2001-08-21 - 6:21 p.m.

ARGH. nothing's simple.

adam's stupid car broke down after being fixed. after he paid $300+ to get it fixed, it breaks down again. and of course, he was supposed to come pick me up. so i have to drive now...which is no big deal, i don't mind, BUT i had to ask my daddy. and my daddy doesn't like me driving. something about 'wear and tear' on the car. something about wasting gas and all kinds of good stuff. but he finally agreed to let me go, but only if i come home early. blah. you'd think that being 3 days from 19 years old, that i'd have more freedom than i do. but i, and i quote, am "not yet an adult, no matter what i may think."

thank you, father.

||BLIMEY| ||

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