steeler's stolen
2001-08-22 - 10:01 a.m.

this morning, around 8:30, i thought it was the end of the world. but it was just our road being paved. i like how they choose to pave our road so very early in the morning. makes me...happy.


last night, i was growing more and more angry with my daddy. so, after he FINALLY agreed to let me leave, i went a few places and thought about my evil plan. then, i drove to adam's. i knew adam would have the large screwdriver that i would need. so, i got it and unscrewed my daddy's beloved license plate from the car. i hated that stupid thing anyway. i wanted to throw it in the road and watch it get hit repeatedly, but realized that would only cause me more trouble in the long run. trouble is something i can do without - i've had my fill this month, thank you.


i have this job at blockbuster, and right after i got hired, it hit me. why didn't i get a job at a record store? i know so much more about music than i do movies. the unspoken qualifications of having a job at disc jockey are that you have to wear a lot of black and hate the world. so all i'd have to do is add a little more black to my wardrobe. i even have the mad rad emo kid glasses. so i'd just walk in there and start spouting out my musical knowledge and they'd be blown away and hire me. they'd shake their heads and wonder why they didn't hire me sooner.

i do know a little bit about movies, but only the ones i like...high fidelity, indiana jones...and any indie film you can think of. i don't really care about a lot of the new releases. eh. i just want money. perhaps i should look into embezzling blockbuster funds. [note to any higher authority that are reading: i'm just KIDDING. jeez.]


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