away in a manger.
2001-08-27 - 11:25 a.m.

= another episode of fun wit' aim =

+ jenny explains to erin where babies come from +

eb7ball: and...mommy? where do babies come from?

N0THING But Skin: they come from God---he made baby Jesus you know. so when he feels the time is right..he sends out flying monkeys to deliver these bundles of joy

eb7ball: eh heh heh. so....i have to have a virgin and a manger to make these...babies...correct?

N0THING But Skin: well. yes..and for some odd reason you have to marry a guy named joseph. (shrug) ...i think his last name is schmoe.

eb7ball: joseph...and where does a donkey come in?

N0THING But Skin: duh-on-key? mean ass?

eb7ball: ass...? what's an ass?

N0THING But Skin: (sigh) ...well. that goes back to the question of where babies come from.. i mean, no! wait! i must start over!

eb7ball: start over, then. ||waits...patiently||

N0THING But Skin: ummN. are you a...very patient person?

eb7ball: no. who said anything about patience? eh??

N0THING But Skin: it was an assumption! ahhhh

eb7ball: ass?...

N0THING But Skin: OH THE HORROR STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN! (i told someone the other day.."you put the 'ass' in 'assuming'" ...ahh good times, good times)

eb7ball: ah haha. classic.

N0THING But Skin: considering i didn't take it from a movie, i'd say so

eb7ball: definitely. original -and- classic.

N0THING But Skin: (struts and pulls on suspenders with thumbs) ahhhh nothing big really..

eb7ball: wear suspenders? nice old men wear suspenders. are you a nice old man? am i talking to a nice old man? would your name happen to be..joseph? and do you own a...donkey?

N0THING But Skin: rofl. holy crap. . .i mean...even though i am all of those things.. well..i...the...(runs)

[so that's it really. that's where babies come from. and you thought you knew the truth. hmmN.]

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