school...sort of.
2001-08-28 - 4:40 p.m.

[for john. not -to- john, but -for- john.]

as soon as the stupid alarm clock blasted out some overrated, run into the ground song signaling my wakeup, i started shaking my head 'no.'

and occured to me. after one class, i could go to your house and you'd accept my anti-morning stupor.

one class down and four to go, i knocked on your door. and there you were. while i was laying on your chest, i listened to your heart. and i thought to myself "i hope your heart never stops beating." but i didn't tell you that, for fear of sounding silly...or trying to be deep and meaningful and in love. for a while i forgot about the worries of new classes. and even when it was time to go back, it wasn't as bad because being with you makes me forget whatever worries i had.

another class down and three to go, i call your house.

"can i come over? they canceled my class."

and so i don't even have to knock this time. you're out of your house before i'm out of my car. and what i can't understand is how you're always seeming so glad to see me. because -i- wouldn't be glad to see me. but i guess that's the thing about loving somebody. because i know i'm always glad to see you...even if i've seen you only an hour earlier.

i'm done with all my day classes and waiting for my night class at 6. and i know that if i get out early, i can come to see you once again. and you'll be glad to see me...

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