in other words, i love you.
2001-09-01 - 10:18 p.m.

just when you think you've experienced every emotion possible, you find another one.

i felt helpless, almost. i can't describe it, really. it was that i was so happy, felt so good, so content, that i didn't know what to do. i haven't ever felt that before. and i didn't know what to do about it.


you came over tonight. for six and a half hours, you were mine. for six and a half hours, i was at my happiest. you make me complete, i'm sure of it. in the beginning of this relationship, i questioned what love was. 'how do i know i'm in love?' 'what does being in love feel like?' but now i don't have to ask. now i know for sure.

and those times when we just lay side by side in the dark, i swear those are my favorite times. it's like the dark takes away our embarassment and insecurities of telling each other things we wouldn't normally say. the dark makes me bold enough to tell you that i like the way you kiss me. that i like how you love me even though i'm so undeserving. unlock something inside of me that is terrifically adolescent.


sidenote: john, thank you for the conversation today. you're able to put into words how i feel about music, whereas i am not. i can think it, but i can't word it. it was nice to talk to someone who's so passionate about music.


||apology for: being quite sappy in this eNTRy|||

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