fashion statement.
2001-09-02 - 1:11 p.m.

what sucks is when you get mad at little things. when you have a quick temper. i'm seething right now...and for no good reason. but i can't not be mad. as unreasonable as it is, i cannot be any less angry. but i'm selfish.


i wore my new dr. martin boots to church this morning. i always make such the fashion statement at church. everybody else wears nice dresses and me...i come walking in late wearing boots with my skirt, socks with ducks on them, a black hoodie and necklaces held together by safety pins. my hands are covered in black and green ink because my five year old 'husband' decided he would write my name on them. i suppose it's really no wonder the elderly at my church 'frown on' the teenagers. but i guess i'd rather look like me than half the other kids there, what with their short i-am-showing-my-crotch skirts and low shirts. and my parents wonder why i detest church. but let's not get into that.


i really like this. [that i'm about to write] it's by 'lewis.' 'lewis' is a band i've never heard of, but they're on the deep elm label.

+ follow fast like the wind

limbs are trembling wings

although flight makes you beautiful

would you wait for me...

burning fields i'm fire

what can i say, what can i do

you seem so restless, i'm after you +


and so ends another ridiculously boring entry.

|| it's better to burn OUt. thAN to FAde AWay. My mY. hEY hey. |||

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