cold medicine stupor.
2001-09-06 - 4:15 p.m.

this isn't gonna be pretty. let me just warn you now.

+ disclaimer: author of this diary took large amount of off-brand cold medicine last night before passing out. still hasn't fully recovered +

i don't even remember yesterDAY. i remember last night fairly well, but yesterday might as well have not even occured. around 5, right before you came to get me, i took an extremely large amount of grape-flavored cold medicine. i shuddered for a good two minutes after swallowing. we went a few places before going to your house. when we got to your house, down to your room, i sat on the back of the couch. i don't know if you noticed or not, but while i was sitting there i almost fell over backwards. i forgot where i was and you laughed at me after i explained my current situation. you said "how much of that stuff did you take??" i said "um...i dunno...a...lot..." and you told me i could take a nap. i wanted a nap so bad, but sleeping would mean missing out on time with you. but when i dozed off while standing up, leaning against you, you made me lay down. you layed beside me. everytime i would open my eyes, realized i had almost gone to sleep, i'd look up to find you looking at me, smiling.

if i had you beside me when i slept, i know i'd sleep better than i have in my entire life..just because you're beside me.


in school, i have mastered the art of sleeping with my eyes open. this wouldn't happen if i had actually HAD SOME SLEEP THIS WEEK. hmmN.


my mama's making me a bacon and egg samidge, so i'm gone...

||chitlens! chitlens! chitlens!|||

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