kleenex haiku
2001-09-13 - 3:50 p.m.

i ran out of medicine yesterday, so i got some pills that promised me relief from cough and congestion. they semi-worked. but two doses later, i wasn't feeling too great and adam kept asking me if i was okay. i must've looked how i felt - not so good.

i didn't sleep much last night, so my mom insisted that i stay home from school today. i slept for a good part of the day and i'm not feeling too bad right now. and my daddy's bringing me home some medicine that the doctor recommened, so hopefully i'll survive the plague.

i have to go to work at 8 tonight and work until close.

i wrote a haiku about soft kleenex:

cold care kleenex

you do not make my nose bleed

like off-brand tissue


i was so happy yesterday when i bought the special cold care kleenex. they're so soft compared to the sandpaper kind my mom has. when you can't breathe, you get excited over things like tissue.


| ||coughcoughcough. die.||

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