just drive.
2001-09-18 - 9:03 p.m.

it was dusk, my favorite time of day. i went driving. just to be driving. my parents don't condone that type of thing. wear and tear on the car, they say. it ups your risk of having an accident, they say. i say it's relaxing and wonderful.

so i drive.

windows down, but the heater on because it's chilly. my newest cd is turned up to high volume and my leg is against the speaker so i can feel the music. everything is just right. i'm feeling 99% better than i have in a long time. i've just gotten out of school after a long day and i've got thoughts of you in my head. sweet thoughts of you and how i only have to wait 18 hours until i can see you again.

driving over the bridge is one thing that is so nice. just the way it feels and smells. it's something you don't forget, even if it's something small and easily taken for granted. i hate taking things for granted...but it's so easy to do.

the car was warm but there was a breeze coming through the open windows. for once, i was taking my time, just observing things instead of hurrying along to be on time to someplace i probably didn't want to be. laid back, fully appreciating life...for once. i should do that more, i guess.


on a completely unrelated note, there is a frog living in my pond. i should name it. i should name it snoop dogg. heh.


my web site design professor is a dirty ho. i was absent last thursday for the -first- time in that class. i had a friggin doctor's excuse. i showed him that doctor's excuse and asked to be able to turn in my work without having points taken off and he said, "no, sorry, you can turn it in, but it'll be considered late." so that means i'll have 10-20 points off two seperate 'homeworks' and then we also had a quiz that i had no idea about and probably failed. damn the man. [sorry if i offend you with my language...heh.]


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