seven never enough
2001-09-19 - 10:40 p.m.

i was eating my tator tots when you came. i went through a lot to get those stupid tator tots, and i was hungry, but there you the door. so i jumped up and ran outside, forgetting my tator tots. i was running my mouth before i even really got out of the door. i said something to the effect of "hireadytogo?ineedhelponmyhomework" i hope you got all that, because i was really rambling.

we go to your house and attempt half-heartedly to try and find out what a fall on the root is. [my homework] you make up something and i say 'hey, that sounds good.' we didn't really accomplish anything. well, not homework-wise anyway. i guess i'll just have to ask they crazy man that sits beside me about our homework.

we sat side by side wrapped up in your big blanket. you smelled particularly good tonight. heh. you were particularly funny...paticularly romantic and particularly handsome. and i was paticularly happy.

particularly particularly particularly.



i bet we looked pretty goofy wandering around your room enveloped in that dumb blanket. it was around both of us, so we had to walk in step. we collapsed on your bed and that's when you got the book out. for a wonderful few moments, you read me some poems you said you had marked. i closed my eyes and listened. i don't know if you noticed or not, but i almost cried because it was so sweet. when you were done, my eyes were still shut and i was smiling. i felt you staring at me and i opened one eye and there you were with that half-grin that i love. your lips were warm and soft and you moved them in the perfect way.

seven hours i was with you and it wasn't enough time. it never is. time passes so slowly all the time, unless i'm with you. that's when it flies.

before i knew it, we were in my driveway. i opened the door and looked back at you and you told me you loved me. i know you do. and i love you, too. sometimes too scares me.

...and i can still feel your arms around me...

|||i fadeinto y o u|| |

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