i wish
2001-09-20 - 3:49 p.m.

during our break between classes, we sat in my car. the cd i had just made was playing in the background of our talking.

we were thinking of our christmas break. what we'd like to do. where we'd like to go. i asked you to take me to north carolina to see pedro the lion and starflyer 59. "sure" you said. no hesitation. you said we should go camping in knoxville. i said we should rent a cabin in the mountains. we should go to charleston. and go to the beach in the winter...take a walk at night. we even talked about hiking the entire appalachian trail. all eight and a half months it would take to hike it. you told me you had everything we needed. you meant you had the equipment we would need, but you have everything -i- would need. and that's just to be near you. but the thing is, i'm held back by strict parents. it matters not one bit that i'm nineteen years old. sad as that sounds, it's true. and so that means i can't go traipsing off to different states with my boyfriend to spend the night. innocent as it could be. but it's nice to think about those things. it's nice to think that we could have a vacation, just me and you. i like to think that one day that'll happen. that we'll be together that long. but we're going hiking next week. one-day trips are a start, aren't they?


we were walking to your car and i told you that i decided i liked walking around with my shoes untied, because i like the clunky sound they make when they're loose. you called me your 80s old school rapper. so i tucked my jeans into my boots and told you i was down with opp and lived up to my new name. you should never encourage me. i don't care if i'm in public or not...i'll act stupid.


|||i want to be the last thing you hear when you're f a l l i n g asleEP| |

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