w o r k
2001-09-21 - 10:11 p.m.

work was [dare i say it?] fun. ||gasp|| yeah, i said it again. 'work' and 'fun' in the same sentence. i learned a few things tonight. number one, i have had three illegitimate children with gene simmons. we celebrate our birthdays together. i didn't know any of this. i just like to walk around in my own little world. wearing my dead fly post-it note. attaching odd things to my name tag. singing snoop dogg to the customers. playing with the bleeders movie box. [it bleeds, by the way]

i got paid tonight. yeah. look at me, i'm a winner.

- - -

tai mai chu! tai mai chu!

- - -

||oh priDE is noT a sin. and that'S why i have go ne. on down to w a l ma rt with my checkBOOk just to get you so me| ||

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