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2001-09-23 - 1:16 p.m.

||saTUrday reVisiTED||

woke up early on a saturday. something's wrong with that. i mean, sure, i get to sleep late 4 out of 7 days, but still...i don't want to get up early if i don't have to. went to serina's house. we had been waiting for our yearly trip to the halloween aisle. the halloween aisle in walmart is where dreams come true. it's the best holiday aisle ever. it's where serina and i entertain the masses with our mind-blowing tricks. i can stop the witch fan with my tongue. i know you're impressed. after spending quite some time here, we went to the mall. ||gasp|| i hate the mall. sometimes i can tolerate it, but other times...i can't. yesterday's trip wasn't that bad. there was what i thought was a pontoon boat upstairs. it was really a camper, however. i went in disc jockey in search of a pedro cd, but of course there wasn't one. nope, just you're usual overrated, run into the ground music. nothing to get too excited about. they do have a mean yanni painting in the classical section.

we went to pizza hut across the street for old time's sake. we were hoping bernadette would be there, but instead chuck was. bernadette is the world's slowest server. but she's extremely nice. i like bernadette, but i think most snails are faster than she is. chuck, however. chuck doesn't seem too bright. he reversed our food, and took forever to give us our check. anyway, while we were eating, i got dizzy. i dunno why...i haven't been dizzy since i took ridiculous amounts of cold medicine. but i was trying to hold my head up, trying to see straight and i saw yoda on top of the jukebox. yoda, from star wars. green yoda. he was standing on top of the jukebox. i couldn't make something like that up. well, i could, but i'm not.

we went back to walmart after eating. i paraded around wearing my dead fly name tag. tried on sunglasses for a while and then tested my eyes at the little eyewear center. i can see well, so long as i have my contacts in. i seriously contemplated buying some crazy contacts. the evil, red-eye kind. or the white-out eyes with x's. but they were $60 and i vowed not to spend any of my money. so i'm not buying any now. it would make a good christmas present. ||nudge nudge, hint hint||

and so ends yet another completely boring entry. praise jesus, and pass the ammunition.

||sell your SOUL to the house of the rising waFFLe| ||

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