bluegrass and scooby steve.
2001-09-29 - 11:43 a.m.

yes, i like antique stores.

yes, i like bluegrass music.

no, i don't particularly care of your opinion on this matter.


cold last night. and we were wandering aimlessly around downtown bristol waiting for the show to start.

"come early, you said, erin. come early so we can walk around and go in the stores. ha." he made fun of me.

"shuuuutup." and i tried to pull my arms further up into my sweater.

all the wonderful antique stores were closed, all the toy stores, the thrift stores, even 'duck duck moose' wasn't open. so we peered into the windows and wished we could've been inside.

having an hour till the show, we sat under a bunch of trees. i can never sit still, i really can't. so i leaned back and gathered nuts. i felt like a stupid squirrel. ha.

i gave you all the nuts i found and you gave me a carribeaner. i had been wanting another one ever since i'd lost mine. but i didn't want a big...manly one. you gave me a little one. i was happy.


finally seven. finally time for the doors to open at the paramount. finally time to be in the heated theatre. finally time to sit on a chair and not concrete under a tree.

waiting. waiting for the bands to come out. waiting for the announcer to sit down and stop talking. it was worth the wait.

the first band was much better than i ever had expected them to be. not to mention, funny. they were comprised of five people from all different states and countries. my favorite was the guy from japan who was all dressed up in a suit and cool hat and tennis shoes. heh. he had written a song and told the story behind it. and i had tears in my eyes i was laughing so hard. he said "well, this is some true i guess. you know the wizard of oz? and dorothy? well i was listening to this pink floyd album. the movie was on mute, of course. and you know dorothy? and walking down the yellow brick road? and well...yeah" it just didn't make any sense and i guess that's why it was so funny.

blue highway came out. ohhh blue highway. one of the best bluegrass bands ever. i never thought i would like bluegrass. but i try to be open-minded...i listened to some...and it's great. [i suggest: blue highway, alison krauss and nickelcreek]

about five songs through, a man jumps out of his chair and dances all the way down the aisle and makes his way to the front of the auditorium and dances and dances and dances. i thought it was quite possibly the funniest thing i'd seen in a long time. i wanted to go dance with him...should have, i guess.

too soon the show was over. too soon we were back out in the cold. walking to your car, our teeth chattering.

"if we get back to our parking place and my car isn't there...or if we get back and there's a ticket, i'm gonna saw off your legs" he informs me.

"'ll be there. and ticketless." i say.

and it was.


we went to walmart to wander around some. i hate walmart, i want it to cave why do i go so much?

went to blockbuster. rented trainspotting. you're coming over today to watch it with me. and no surprise, scooby steve and manager melissa were outside smoking as usual. mer. people never cease to amaze me.


that's the end. next time i'll tell you about the paper shredder/hand incident of '01. or maybe i'll show you my newest mix cd. if you're good.

||hey sandy, does your dog biiii i i i iteeee?| ||

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