flaming keyboards.
2001-10-03 - 9:31 a.m.

i guess the day gets automatically 10 times better when you start it out with two emails that are so sweet you wanna cry. so sappy you could vomit. so wonderful it all of a sudden doesn't matter that you have to spend the next eight hours at work.


my eyes. my EYES! sweet mother, i'm seeing double. last night, i was sitting in the school parking lot and i saw a car flying through the sky. it took a lot of squinting and a lot of convincing myself that i'm -not- insane till i finally realized it wasn't a car, but an airplane.


so i've established the fact that my web page design professor is a dirty ho. he DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO TEACH. he doesn't listen. he doesn't care. he gets irate when you ask him a question. he asked me:

"why can i not see this link?"

to which i replied:

"because you are a bad teacher."


several people have filed complaints against him. doesn't work. nobody cares. but I CARE! i have to pass that stupid class. if i don't, i'm wasting money, and it will not look good to get an F in a class that i'm taking because i'd like a career in computers. sobeit, if i have to throw flaming keyboards into his room to get him to listen, well...i'll do it.

damn the man.


mer. time for work. i'm a wage slave. a slave to the wage. but i'm so money and i don't even know it.

||i caught you knocking at my CELLar door. i love ya baby can i have some m o r e? oh oh the da m a g e DONE| ||

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