thursday night. summarized.
2001-10-06 - 11:29 a.m.

thursday night i was supposed to close. thursday night there were accidentally three closers instead of the usual two. thursday night i got off very early. thursday night i called you to tell you i would be at your house as soon as i have been counted. thursday night, though, i didn't go to your house as soon as i had planned.

jared pulled up to the front of the store right as i was being choked by scooby steve. he was strangling me with a long receipt. he was mad because i was making fun of the fact that his arm was covered with an ace bandage. there are to be no visible tattoos at work and so scooby steve has to cover his. i asked him:

"scooby steve, how did you hurt your arm?"

to which he replied:

"i'm gonna kill you."

and thus began the choking.

finally, i'm counted and can leave. i walk outside and scooby steve and jared are standing near the stairs.

scooby steve asks jared to buy him some cigarettes. so jared and i walk across the street to buy him some. on our way back, jared is counting his money in the middle of the road. nevermind that it's five lanes of traffic. nevermind that it's late at night and nobody can see us in our dark clothing. i'm skipping across the road, but jared is standing in the middle of it.

"jared jared jared! get outta the road dumbtard!"

"oh yeah. heh heh."

i probably saved his life.

we drop scooby steve's cigarettes off in the drop box and proceed down the sidewalk toward the other stores. check to see if the bulldozer is still wasn't. and we open the door to the qwik package store and stare a minute without actually walking in. and then shut the door and go to subway. we walk in and the employee comes out and asks if he can help us.

"you can't help me." i say.

"we're just checking out the atmosphere" jared tells him.

employee: "um. well. ok."

and he stares at us.

we plot really loudly how we're going to steal the tea urn. still, the employee stares at us.

"well, see erin, if you act like you're going after the fire extinguisher, he'll not see me grabbing the tea urn until it's too late. and i'll be almost to the door and that's when you grab the stack of trays and slap the employee on the side of the head if necessary."

employee still staring.

we walk out.

after a while, an hour and a half after i call you to tell you i'll be right over, i actually leave to go to your house.

your dad answers the door and tells me you've been worried.

when i'm almost to your door i hear "demented forever!" and that's when i see you truly have value as a person because you're watching cecil b. demented. heh.

we have the talk. i'm sitting on the back of your couch and you're standing in front of me.

before you started talking, my head was on your chest and i felt your heart beating really quickly. i knew you didn't really want to tell me what you were about to. but i'm glad you did. i'm glad you weren't mad. i'm glad you could tell me. it all worked out, didn't it? yeah.

i got payed last night, and you're coming over to watch a movie tonight and i'll see you tomorrow night...and things aren't too bad right now.

||i think i could stay with you for a while maybe longer if i do| ||

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