deeeeeer carcass!
2001-10-15 - 9:26 p.m.

actual conversation from inside blockbuster video

names have not been changed to protect the innocent

erin:why are you chewing on a toothbrush?

john:because i...because. JUST BECAUSE. would you like to nibble on my toothbrush?

brad:he's trying to be like his idol jay-z.

[sidenote: john doesn't idolize jay-z. he leans more toward an emo-type image that keeps him from idolizing such "artists" as jay-z]

brad:if i was going to have something in my mouth like that, i'd have something...somethi...A DEER CARCASS! a deeeeeeer carcass! yes.

i assure you i did not make this up.

||i smoke two joints before i smoke two joints| ||

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