ramble on
2001-10-18 - 12:36 p.m.

it started out with me stomach-down on your bedroom floor halfway under your bed. i was semi-attempting to find your remote so i could play your new playstation2 demo. finally found it under a wet towel. you anal-expulsive people. just don't care.

after "nabbing the moo" on some game, i had had enough, so i stood up and grabbed your keys and told you to come on. no more would you think of me as indecisive or too agreeable. never again.

"where are we going?" you inquired.

"i don't kno..." but i stopped myself. the new erin doesn't say "i don't know" the new erin says "get yo' keys, foo' cause we're goin' where i wanna go."

where i wanted to go turned out to be sort of...illegal. i didn't know that however. i had good intentions. i did. but those flew out the window after we passed the huge "no trespassing" sign. and when we pulled into the driveway of a cop you looked really nervous. and when there wasn't any room to turn your car around you looked even more nervous. i laughed. i just wanted to see what was up there. it was tempting. still is. but i guess i'll never know what's there.

a couple of places before we ended up at the playground.

i made you go first. it was dark and ever since the large animal incident of 99 i get jumpy at the park at night. we sat down on the wooden benches beside the swinging bridge [well it used to swing until the sex fiends broke it]. we talked about all we had held inside for weeks. it felt better. i felt better. i felt connected to you. in a way i'd never achieved before.

and so, in getting out of the routine we had set for ourselves [the routine that i will spare you] we became better. better connected. i know you felt it just as much as i did. i could tell by your actions and your words.

who needs actions when you got words?

even though my nose was frozen and i couldn't feel my extremities. even though i could've had snot running down my face and not known it, i was content for once.

|||everybody's got something to hide except for me and my monkey| ||

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