after-work tradition
2001-10-20 - 12:12 p.m.

it's becoming a tradition. mine and jared's. to, after work, run across the street to the gas station. for whatever reason.

last night it was to look at the newspapers. i was trying to find the movie section. i stood there, pulling out every paper, looking for the D section only to come up empty-handed each time. after going through about 10 papers, i gave up. turned to face the man behind the counter. wiped my dirty hands on my pants. and shrugged. then i laughed and walked out the door. i didn't say anything the entire time we were in there. jared apologized to the man.

we ran back across the street. i felt the wind off of a red sports car. there's safety in numbers though. had i been alone, i would've been spread across two lanes. but there was another person with me, so we were safe.

||mother says be careful and don't stay out too long don't do things you shouldn't miss me when i'm gone| ||

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