good stuff people don't know when they hear
2001-10-21 - 10:35 p.m.

i was staring at the stair lights beside my seat in the movie theater as i slumped down in my chair as far as i could go. this was after i had scrunched my butt really far down so that the chair would close and my legs would stick up. all because i was trying to distract myself from crying.

always CRying. ALways distracting myself from it. i'm such a sensitive person. but it was a sad movie.

the naked chef and apple cider in hot black glasses. the blinds were open. the neighbors could've seen. i didn't care, did you?

it always ends up this. sap.

@124jhlasdf;klj[]]++. i am tired. as;ldkfjaAREYOUGETTINGTHIS?asd;flkadfj

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if i was dexter, i would invent a machine that would stretch certain moments. the ones you want to last. they'd last forever. like last night. forever. but i'm not dexter. but i can do a mean mandark laugh. HAHAHAhahahahaHA.


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