driving like a five year old
2001-10-22 - 9:57 p.m.

i was sitting in the ingle's parking lot waiting for my sister to come out of the store. and with nothing better to do, i look out the window. and i'm looking and i see this little girl driving a car sitting on a man's lap. and it doesn't register at first. and then it does. and i wanna say to the man, "here's an idea! how about YOU drive instead of your 5 year old daughter?"

i'm all for fun and games, but letting your five year old kid steer the car in a busy parking lot is just stupid. and you would agree if you had seen the terror-stricken face of the poor innocent lady pushing her cart of groceries. oh, wait, i mean running with her cart of groceries to get out of the way. i'm not exaggerating. they weren't going parking lot speed. it was more like the speed my grandma drives when she's found out there's a skim milk sale at the grocery store. and i don't think i need to tell you that that's too fast.


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