where would i be?
2001-10-24 - 12:35 p.m.

it's amazing how an hour with someone can restore your faith in mankind and give you a better outlook on life.

and i didn't think you would be the person to do that for me.

truth is, just earlier in the day, i wanted to tell you that you must have a stick up your butt.

but i didn't.

however, after i had only minutes earlier had my head filled with bits of information about stephen crane's vision, i drove to your house. and in an instant i felt one hundred percent better than i had all day. i forgot that i was irritated at you. i forgot that i had had a blah day.

and as we sat on your tailgate for the 15 minutes i had left before i had to leave, i thought that you must be my favorite person in the world. and when i looked up at the stars in the clear, clear sky and then slowly looked back down and you kissed me, i knew that you were defintely my favorite person in the world.

||where would i be without your love? where would i be without your a r m s around me?| ||

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