shrek ears are lucky
2001-10-27 - 11:13 p.m.

i shouldn't write because i have nothing new to say. the only thing to do is rearrange all of my other entries about how i miss you and change the wording and hope they can be passed off as new, fresh entries. so when you read the following, pretend you've never heard it before.


as the old lady's scalp was coming off in the hands of a teenage boy, the phone rang. i was kind of hoping to see all of the "scary" movie i was watching, but the caller id said it was you and so blood and monsters seemed a lot less important.

i noted that you sounded particularly happy to be talking to me and i hope you noted that i felt the same way. however, at first it felt like talking to an aquaintance. it was to be expected, us having had an episode previously.

but it wore off quickly, and i felt more at ease talking to you than i ever had before. not that i've ever felt weird talking to you...but you know...jeez.

i suppose in a way i'm glad that we had a disagreement and i overreacted and you got mad and i got my feelings hurt. i suppose that if it hadn't happened, i wouldn't have realized a lot of the things i needed to realize. i wouldn't be able to work on the parts of me that need improving if i didn't know what they were.

i hope this is making sense.

it doesn't matter if it makes sense.

i feel better.

now alison just needs to feel better.

feel better, ali.

i think it was the shrek ears that did it. my shrek ears are lucky. yeah.

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