downhome revisited.
2001-10-29 - 3:50 p.m.

downhome revisited

bits and pieces of months and months ago remembered.

the brownwooden table in the backcorner.

under the dim yellow light. under no light at all.

smoke. lotsandlots of s m o k e.

the swinging door swinging into my side over and over.irefused to move.

feeling the music. i n side.

pitchers of beer from bar to table to liver.


crawling OVEr the tables and chairs to get to the front.

the bright glow of the digital clock. redlettERS reading 12:43 aM.

blumotupelo. blue MOTHER TUPELo.

SCREAMing into each other faces to hear over the MUSic.

people i don't know[strangers]touching me/talking to measkingme where im from and what's myname?]

cold cold night. freezing. dark. old men on porches. car is so far a w ay.

rushing on, hitting home.

and it's all over. like everything else. always over.

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