anthrax + mutilated paratroopers
2001-11-06 - 3:54 p.m.

met serina to go to eat lunch since i haven't seen her in so long and after we ate we went to an arcade to play skeeeee-ball. yesh. i am the skeeeeee-ball master. we put our tickets together and got two paratroopers and a mother load of candy. we went to the mall's 2nd floor and dropped our paratroopies off. startled an older man with a newspaper. so then we get this idea to go to adam's house even though he was at work. we were gonna pull an anthrax joke on him. [i'm entitled to at least ONE bad anthrax/bin laden joke, ok?] so we write a letter and sign it "love, bin." and we mutilate one of the paratroopers and say in the letter "this will be you. beware." we go to his house and we fix the paratrooper in adam's fan. we tape the letter to his computer and we smash up a couple of white smarties to resemble anthrax.

erin: ||smashing up smarties|| um...anthrax isn't it?

serina: ||cutting smarties with scissors||

so we leave, "anthrax" on his computer chair and we put it in the paratrooper's parachute. it's very believable. i know he'll be afraid. mwah ha. i kid. but it was kinda funny. to me.

||i have no love but only goals| ||

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