L is for the way you look at me
2001-11-07 - 1:31 p.m.

more fun wit' aim

guaranteed to warm your cold heart right up

Athms223: i know i can trust you

adaftapeth: i'm glad

Athms223: i think i hate everyone on earth but you,

and my grandmothers

adaftapeth: nah, you don't

Athms223: sometimes i just want to take you

and move far away from here

adaftapeth: i would go

Athms223: you are amazing

Athms223: i love you so much

adaftapeth: i love you too...

adaftapeth: i don't know if you realize or even care...but you're the first boy i've ever really loved. i mean honestly truly loved.

adaftapeth: and i'm not making this stuff up as i go along

Athms223: i have been in a situation that i thought was "love"

it pales in comparison to the way i feel about you

i feel like i could really spend eternity with you

dont let this scare you though

adaftapeth: it doesn't scare me

adaftapeth: i feel the same way

Athms223: well that scares me

adaftapeth: i'm sorry

Athms223: its not supposed to be this easy

adaftapeth: no, i guess not. but maybe it is.

Athms223: we were supposed to spend our whole lives searching for each other

adaftapeth: well we spent 18 years being apart, can that count?

Athms223: you should be here

im crying

like a little girl

adaftapeth: awwww

adaftapeth: are you crying in a bad way?

adaftapeth: or is it ok

Athms223: no i have never been more happy

adaftapeth: ok i'm glad

end transmission. go back to your daily routines.

||can you still feel the butterflies?| ||

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