i think the world of you
2001-11-10 - 9:59 p.m.

we were laying in the middle of my living room floor. you were on your back and i was fitting myself into the spot between your arm and the rest of your body. you were trying to breathe and i kept making fun of you. so you stuck your finger in my armpit and that's one of the places i can't stand to be touched. i thought i was going to pee my pants and so you only did it more. only after i stuck my finger in your belly button did you finally stop. the room was completely dark except for the light from the headlights of the few passing cars. traffic, frank zappa and the who played in the background. fifteen minutes until you had to leave and you asked if i wanted to go on a walk. so i threw on my shoes and we went outside. i immediately wished i had a jacket and i immediately lost the feeling of my face. but i didn't much care. we went just once around the block and right before we made it back to my house i pulled you to the side of the road. the side of the road with the house that has the fake plants. the side of the road right beside the stop sign. the side of the road where you pulled me 8 months ago to kiss me for the very first time. and that's where i kissed you again tonight. and you looked at me and you remembered the first time. i know you did. i could tell by the expression on your face and how you held on to me before we started walking again. and just before you got into your car after we'd gotten back to my house, you hugged me and kissed my frozen mouth and told me that you loved me so much. i like how i know that you mean it. how i can feel it. how i can feel it through my freezing body and it goes right to my heart.

||blood through my veins for you you alone have all of me| ||

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