not funny
2001-11-10 - 11:04 a.m.

what is the only flaw in my ingenious plan?

18% only so many dvds will fit in pants

17% boiling point at 16,000 feet actually several degrees lower

26% brought only three spools of twine

23% that crafty raccoon made of sterner stuff than anticipated

87% manager found out about it

ok, that wasn't funny. i'm sorry. no, i'm not sorry. for i am erin. it's true, i am erin. i do not make sheep noises; i oppose corporate unity. frightened, i pounce into the defensive attack posture, a stance in which i stand with my arms in an outstretched position, with my hands cupped. i can manage time efficiently, i can tread water for up to three days, i cook 30-minute brownies in 20. i know stucco. i am outlawed in peru. and i don't CARE if it wasn't funny.

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