you're it
2001-11-15 - 9:28 a.m.

i was watching spongebob squarepants when your headlights shone into the living room. it was the episode where spongebob and patrick get mad at each other.

when i opened the passenger side door to get in, you had the magical jello there. cut up into squares. that's how i like jello to be cut. into squares.

you asked me where i wanted to go. i replied, 'to the mall.'

adam: to the mall?!

erin: well, yeah.

adam: i need a really good reason to go to the mall.

erin: i think you know me well enough to know that i need a really good reason to go to the mall. you know i hate it.

i tagged him on the way in. he was it until he slammed his hand into my stomach. the game was getting really violent. we almost knocked over a rack of those oldwoman swishy suits [you know, the things. gold and black. or navy blue. ha]. i got him back when we walked by the santa clause chair. his guard was down because he was talking about elves so i poked him in the back and ran in hallmark.

so we go to blockbuster next and there i am informed that i am working an 8 hour shift on thanksgiving. there i am informed that i will not see adam saturday and sunday. i'm beginning to hate that store.

we rented 'wildflowers.' it was...okay. nothing great. it had kick arm music, however. i admit i wasn't paying too much attention anyway.

some time later, we ended up with you on the couch and me fitting perfectly on top of you. your thermal shirt was rough on my cheek, but it didn't much matter. i would've layed there all night. you told me things i didn't know about you and i told you things you didn't know about me. we planned where we would be going on our christmas break. [we still don't know]


that's all.

meanwhile, out of sap-land, erin has to pee. really badly, she realizes.

||and you can use my skin to bury secrets in| ||

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