it flowed || for once it flowed
2001-11-19 - 9:02 p.m.

i'm supposed to write
if i write it all down
it will come
are you waiting?
if i do this all day
will it finally come to me?
or am i not that lucky?

you inspire me
i feed off of your words
but did you realize?
did you realize the impact?
the sheer force in which it comes
in volumes
you speak volumes
i read volumes
i absorb
but only music
for you it's everything
and it's that everything
that i envy
perhaps if i didn't backspace
and you didn't backspace
the world would seem
a different place
if you could be inside my head
not for long
just long enough
to retrieve the thoughts
marked with a mispelled last name
if you had those thoughts
and if you lined up those thoughts
you would understand
just how real you are
just how you affect me
just how real you are

||and so castles made of sand fall to the sea eventually| ||

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