2001-11-27 - 4:21 p.m.

i should update, i suppose. i've been working a lot lately. and there's school. and adam. and driving around at night rolling down the window whenever i see a christmas tree lot so the pine smell will come through the window. and wearing holey pants and not caring what people think. and turning down a boy and feeling bad and completely flattered. and making cds and covers for them. and poking sid vicious and cecil b demented with the fish net to make sure they're still alive. and waiting for john to steal me. and trying to understand why people buy christmas presents for their cats. and watching home videos of when i was too small to remember and trying to think of how i felt when i was that age. and wanting it to rain. and getting into arguments on which is better orange crush or minute maid orange [minute maid]. and wanting a good book to read. and trying to live in the moment for once. it's sort of working.

||and if i swallow anything evil put your finger down my throat| ||

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