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2001-12-01 - 11:06 a.m.

how can i update when i don't have anything useful to say? that's the only time i want to update - when i feel like there's something i have to say. so that's why i don't update much anymore.

i'm trying something new today. if i can, i'll write about it.

thursday night, it hit me. i finally finally know what i'm doing with my life. my future isn't comprised of core classes and bad teachers anymore. instead, i'll be taking classes that have to do with something. a real career. one that i think will not end up being a job i despise.

i'm going to a symphony tonight. and i'm watching pearl harbor today if i have time. i have the power to do that, you know - watch a movie before it's out to the public. i know, i know, you're all thoroughly impressed. but try not to drool on yourselves. heh.

for once in my life i feel almost completely happy.

for once in my life i feel as though i have direction.

for once in my life.

||in the hurry of the past i forgot to make it last| ||

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