underneath one strand of christmas lights
2001-12-02 - 10:12 p.m.

driving down the road tonight, being anywhere but where i said i'd be. driving in the dark, with the one strand of christmas lights from visor to visor. i guess the stereo was on, but i can't really remember because my thoughts were of december 15 and trying to decide how serious you were being.

i didn't realize if you were joking or not because we always talk about how we want to go to charleston. because you've never been and because it's my favorite city. because we want to take a trip by ourselves, even if it's just one day. but i guess if things work out, we really -will- be going. 6 hours away. to walk on the beach and to eat at hyman's and to take pictures along the way.

e: a lot of times, i think about how i'd like to have you beside me before i go to sleep.

a: i think about it every night.

||i want you to notice when i'm not around| ||

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