all i am is wanting you
2001-12-13 - 8:38 p.m.

he's the one that stands a few inches above the others. those will be his sometimesreallygreen sometimesreallyblue eyes focused lovingly on you - when you're driving, when you're watching a movie, even when you're eating. and it'll be his perfect mouth that forms the words+phrases that go right to your heart. it'll be his perfect mouth that melts into yours and sends shivers to every single inch of your body. his mouth that forms the half-smile you adore. his tongue that comes out while he's dancing. his tongue that he sticks in your ear though he knows you hate that. he's the one with the chin that has stubble that's rough against your face. his neck that you aren't allowed to touch [onlytokiss]. it's him that has the broken collarbone from the bunkbed incident of '85. it's his stomach that is unbelievably soft and has the right amount of hair. only you will get to poke his bellybutton with your finger. only you fit perfectly on his chest. only you get to hear how his heart beats just for you. and those are the shoulders that your head likes to rest on. those are the arms that you like to be wrapped in. those are the hands bigger than yours, but somehow a perfect match. the fingers that lace in between yours. that you didn't realize could be so gentle. and here are the legs that bring him to see you. the legs that you feel like clinging to [likeakid] when he has to leave. followed by the feet that you sometimes step on because you tend to be clumsy.

your head bone is connected to your neck bone. your neck bone is connected to your broken collarbone which is connected to your sternum which is near your heart which is connected to mine.

||i just can't seem to drink you off my mind| ||

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