it's been a while
2001-12-19 - 2:00 p.m.

jan9 the first time ever i saw your face i thought the sun rose in your eyes

mar1 hello i've waited here for you everlong

mar3 you name me who am i that i should company with something so devine

mar10 i feel god when our mouths touch

apr12 whose touch can make me cry

apr28 ain't it funny how you feel when you're finding out it's real?

may18-19 at my most beautiful i count your eyelashes secretly with every one whisper 'iloveyou' i let you sleep

jul27 oh how the fire burns i take you in every bit to the last you're everything everything i want to know everything i want to know about the opposite sex

aug4 you move like i want to to see like your eyes do we are downstairs where no one can see

aug11 maybe i'm amazed at the way you love me all the time maybe i'm afraid of the way i love you

sep3 you are my sunshine i am your guiding light

|||you have made me smile again in fact i might be sore from it| ||

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