i said 'i don't know'
2001-12-22 - 3:33 p.m.

i'd like nothing more than to buy new albums - built to spill, pedro the lion, jimi hendrix, high fidelity sdtrk. i'd like nothing more than to have a lemon slushie or two or five. i'd like nothing more than for it to snow.

the refrigerator is cluttered with magnetic letter reminders for me that i ignore.

i've been watching cartoons today and eating christmas candy. da mob+peanutbutterballs.

i wish i knew you were safely at home.

my mind is filled with music trivia and i'm currently listening to dashboard confessional, black rebel motorcycle club and outkast.

the strand of christmas lights burned out last night.

pizza makes me sick.

and if there was a clumsypersonoftheyear award, i'd win.


||she hitched a ride to misery| ||

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