at the drive-thru
2001-12-30 - 9:46 p.m.

my fish died this morning. i wasn't witness to the actual event or to the placing of the dead fish body because i was asleep. my dad told me, when i woke up and stumbled out of bed, that my fish had "passed on." i wasn't surprised. i went to take a shower.

i worked all day. right in the middle, so it screws up the day. the next two days will be screwed up as well. this is what happens when you are a slave to the wage.

actual conversation in blockbuster today, sunday, in the afternoon

guy: dooo you liiike da peeenis?

me: blank stare

i got off of work a little bit early, so we went to sonic. but instead of actually ordering anything, we just sat there. or rather, you sat there and i moved around in my seat. i can never sit still for long. it ended up with me laying my head in your lap and my legs in the passenger seat. i'm sure that isn't proper drive-thru etiquette, but i didn't care. did you? you're the same sort of attractive, even when i'm seeing you upside down. i just notice different things. like your eyelashes. and the lines in your face that form when you smile and don't disappear when you stop. so after having sit in the drive-thru for about a half hour, we leave. we never did order anything, either, despite the fact that they have lemon slushies. back to blockbuster, you wait as i get into my car and start it. you pull out first, followed by me. you into the right lane, me into the left. side by side, we drive, till i get to my neighborhood. i pull onto my street and i, as usual, almost hit the lady who walks her dog in the middle of the road. she doesn't wear reflective clothing. neither does her dog. stupid heiffers.

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