2002-01-03 - 11:29 a.m.

i'm always cold. always. like the kind of cold where it's freezing temperatures outside and some mean person puts a cold drink can on your neck and you get upset because it's so cold and you're already cold and you don't need anymore cold. that's how cold i always am.

i want to be a pirate. i have a gimpy ankle from falling in a hole as a small child, so i can replace it with a wooden leg. i have a gimpy wrist from i don't know what, so i can replace it with a hook. get an eyepatch. throw in a 'yarrrrrr' from time to time. life is complete. and suddenly i have direction again. from time to time, i feel as though i have direction in my life, career-wise. but it never lasts and i have to come up with some new idea, better than the last. so we're at a career as a pirate at the moment. yarrrr. i was watching the food channel at work and there was a special about how things are made. in this episode it was all about sprinkles. and this man came on and his heading was "sprinkle expert". and i thought that was something i could do. sprinkle specialist.


things are looking up.

||got two good eyes but they still don't see| ||

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