goodnight moon.
2002-01-21 - 1:33 p.m.

goodnight clock on the wall,
goodnight dim light in the hall.
goodnight black converse shoes,
goodnight video game i never lose.
goodnight small fish tank,
goodnight money i meant to put in the bank.
goodnight sacreligious manger scene,
goodnight all that unneeded caffeine.
goodnight legos, goodnight posters,
goodnight german beer coasters.
goodnight black book with my words,
goodnight dirty dropped-on-floor candy nerds.
goodnight vinyl under my bed,
goodnight stuffed dog beside my head.
goodnight paratrooper on the door,
goodnight carpet on the floor.
goodnight books, goodnight pillow,
goodnight indiana jones, goodnight willow.
goodnight vulture on the tv,
goodnight little red dictionary.

||you're not bigger than this| ||

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