2002-02-05 - 9:38 p.m.

it had been raining and i parked my car in a different space than i usually do in that parking lot. a creature of habit, i suppose. the dull, orange streetlamp was shining into the car, onto your face. onto mine, though i couldn't see it. i couldn't sit still and i told you that we were wasting our lives away. you informed me that you knew, but it couldn't really matter since we were together. i thought about that while i pulled my socks up as far as they would go. [to my knees] we were listening to the who. to our lady peace, mogwai, the deftones. to the gorillaz, the offspring, ghoti hook. switchfoot and even the bloodhound gang. i suppose this makes no difference to anyone but me. [music is always present] i had somewhere to be and so did you though neither of us mentioned it. we just sat there in the parking lot, kissing each other. it felt good to be here with you, but at the same time i wanted to be somewhere else. the problem was, i didn't know where the somewhere else was located. so i sat here with you and urged the weird feeling away. i guess it went away eventually and it was replaced by a better feeling. i don't know when, but it was. it's still here. and i don't know what it is. it's still here. and i like it.

i have popcorn stuck in my tooth.

||all of which makes me anxious. at times unbearably so| ||

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